Why Choose Gingrich?

With many other monument dealers in the area why would one choose Gingrich Memorials for their purchase of a monument? Listed below are several reasons why we differ from the other dealers in our area.

1. Most importantly we do all of our work on site. We have several craftsmen who have been carving monuments for all of their working careers. These men are some of the best in the industry, taking time and care with each and every monument that they work on. Most other monument dealers out source their work. This means that they have items to show the customers, but when they order the monuments someone in another state or even country is doing all of the work. These other craftsmen work in huge businesses where the main goal is the get the monument in and out as fast as possible.

      carving a rose.jpg (199885 bytes)

Our craftsmen use their expertise in carving each memorial.

Here is a comparison of our deep carved roses and the competitions deep carved roses. The difference is obvious. The main reason why ours is so beautiful - time. To create these roses the craftsmen has to carve deep into the granite rather than just rounding the surface of the stone.

        Their Rose                 Our Rose

2. We have our own staff artist. No other monument dealer in the area has a staff artist. This means that when a customer has a special request or even just a small change in something - this request can be addressed quickly and to the satisfaction of the customer. Sometimes customers need to speak with the artist and with Gingrich Memorials this can be arranged. Other dealers have all of their art work sent out which means that the customer never speaks with the artist.

meetchingcoveredbridge1.jpg (12127 bytes)   Et-mewhite-pencil-w-referen.jpg (13137 bytes)   
Our artist hand etches directly onto the stone creating beautiful lasting etchings.

3. We house one of the only laser machines in Pennsylvania. This laser machine etches images directly onto the stone. A customer can either bring in an existing photograph or image or choose from our wide array of stock images that can then be exactly copied onto the granite. Our artist will take the photograph the customer provides or chooses, scan it into the computer, crop the image to the desired look, run it through the laser computer program and then the laser machine etches the image onto the granite surface.

Why does our laser operation differ from any other dealer with a laser machine? Our artist runs the machine but also creates custom images for our machine. Other dealers buy packages of images which are mass produced and not very detailed. Gingrich Memorials creates unique and individual images which can not be found at any other local dealer.

Custom laser images made by Gingrich's talented artists

4. We are a four generation family run business. The Gingrich family has been in the monument business for four generations and is stilled owned and operated by Jim Gingrich. Statistics show that family businesses generally never make it past the second generation, but yet here we are into our forth generation. We take great pride in the fact that our family has been in the monument industry since 1921. One generation giving their expertise to the next generation is a powerful learning tool.

Most importantly...
Our skilled craftsmen have been carving and sandblasting memorials all of their adult life. They are simply put, the best in the area. This fact speaks for itself when you compare their work to others. Many other monument dealers outsource their work to manufactures. That is okay for them, but we prefer the carefully crafted memorials done lovingly by your own neighbors in our Middletown shop.