Veteran Bronze

See below for example of memorials for veterans with bronze. If you're interested in a memorial from Gingrich, contact them now or request a brochure.

VET270-americanhero.jpg (51248 bytes) American Hero
 Veteran memorial on a 28" x 16"
 Moonlight Gray granite base.
 Also available with a flower vase.
 Memory Photo optional.




bv002721.jpg (39000 bytes) Crown crest Veterans Marker
 Eagles in corners.
 Veteran and spouse marker with vase

bv-vet-2.jpg (25866 bytes) Veteran matching spouse memorial
 on a 28" x 16" Moonlight Gray granite base.

bv-vet-4-v1.jpg (29057 bytes) Veteran memorial on a 28" x 38"
 Moonlight Gray granite base with
 matching spouse memorial and 
 flower vase.




vet3doubletogetherforever.jpg (39744 bytes) A 62" x 16" Moonlight Gray granite
 base with matching spouse memorial
 and flower vase.

VETvasewithstars.jpg (14253 bytes) Veteran Vase with stars