"Stones in America" Article

Gingrich Memorials was featured in November/December 2006 edition of "Stones in America". The article is below:

Houck is an example of one designer inspiring another. Stephanie Britten, the memorial's designer, worked from the remembrance card that the late designer, Gary Houck designed for himself. "It was very reminiscent of what we did with the monument - as far as the font that we used, how the lettering was laid out. It all kind of mimicked that card," says Britten.
    Houck's laser etched portrait on the memorial is based on the one on the card. [The photograph is of the back side of the memorial.] The family brought in the list of words describing the deceased that appears on the memorial. Britten arranged them based on length into a column that hugs Houck's portrait. She turned the words, "You will always be with us..." to match the way the name is placed on the front of the memorial.
    The front, on the second stone, displays the deceased name in vertical lettering that is placed above the dates that run right to left at the base of the stone. 
    The family also wanted Britten to include the numbers from Houck's sports uniforms for the teams he played on. Since Britten did not want to interrupt the flow of the design, she cleverly integrated the numbers into the words, sometimes replacing a letter with a number and other times placing the number into a letter. For instance, the word unique has the "1" in it instead of an "i." In the word you in "we love you," there's a "2" in the "u." "It's almost like we love you too," Britten says. 
    The front was sandblasted and the back was etched with a laser at Gingrich Memorials. Buttura & Gherardi of Barre, Vt. provided the India Black granite.

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