The Quarry and Monument Plant in Vermont


Above are photographs taken from the Rock of Ages quarry located in Barre, Vermont. Granite is cut from the walls in the form of large blocks which are then transported to the monument plant. There it is re-cut, polished, and hand-crafted resulting in a finished monument for the customer.

Below are images taken from the Buttura & Gherardi Monument plant. The process uses both machines and craftsmen to produce the finished product. Large diamond band saws and circular saws are used to cut the granite into the desired shapes and sizes. Polishing wheels of varying roughness are used to finely polish the surface of the granite resulting in the smooth shiny appearance. Huge cutting machines finely cut the polished blocks into smaller sized pieces. From these smaller pieces, craftsmen finish the monument by hand with final cuts and polishing.


Here is a large block that is being cut into smaller

This is one of the large saws that cut the blocks
into long slabs.

Jim Gingrich talks with Mark Gherardi.

This circular saw cuts the granite using water.

Here is one of the many steps of polishing the
granite goes through. The yellow wheels are the
polishing wheels.

Here large slabs are being polished.

This machine scores the granite and then 
cuts the scored area in one motion.

A monument is having the top polished.

Here another circular saw is cutting an
already small monument.

Workers have to control the machines and
constantly watch to make sure everything is 
running smoothly.

Monuments sit on rollers along the production line.

Monuments wait to be crated out to the specific
monument dealers across the country.

One of Barre, Vermont's renowned sculptors
working on a new masterpiece.

A view walking through one of the large warehouses
that make up the Buttura & Gherardi manufacturing plant.