Individual Bronze

Individual  Markers
Below are bronze markers measuring 24x12. This is the standard size for an individual but larger sizes are available. Please contact Gingrich for more information if you see a product you like.

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SGB-405-V1-Garden-pine.jpg (40208 bytes)  SGB-46-devo-dogwood.jpg (50451 bytes)  SGB-134-dynastydogwood.jpg (42931 bytes)

SGB-132V1-Dynasrose.jpg (50405 bytes)  SGB-160V1-dynsinresurrectio.jpg (43977 bytes)  SGB-42-TeaRose.jpg (48802 bytes)

SPM-5V1simplicity.jpg (64456 bytes)  SGB-36-classic-indicvi.jpg (75481 bytes)  SGB-174V1fruitoflfe.jpg (50799 bytes)

SGB-72V1-evergreen.jpg (32338 bytes)  SGB-63-maple-leaf.jpg (50503 bytes)  SGB-355-golfer.jpg (38929 bytes)

SGB-355-horseback.jpg (40750 bytes)  SGB-355-fisherman.jpg (42301 bytes)


Pictured below are the 24 x 30 inch half ledger Granit-Bronz memorials. These larger memorials provide more area for bolder letters, and additional space for emblems, epitaphs or biblical verses. This size more adequately memorializes and identifies single grave spaces.

SGB140-rose.jpg (55290 bytes)  SGB138-simplicity.jpg (35364 bytes)  SGB-139dogwood.jpg (39243 bytes)

Below are pictured two ledgers. Ledgers are placed over top of the grave and are the largest bronze available before special order.