Why do I need to purchase a foundation with my monument?
Cemeteries require concrete foundations to be placed under monuments to prevent the monuments from sinking into the ground. 

How deep are foundations?
Foundations must go deep enough to be below the frost line. Different cemeteries require different depths; some 18 inches deep, some as deep as 22 inches.  Each cemetery is different.

How are foundations priced?
Foundations are priced according to the cemetery. If the cemetery installs their own foundations then they have their own pricing. 
Many cemeteries allow monument dealers to install the foundations for their clients. Gingrich Memorials installs foundations for a set price based on square inches. 

Are foundations installed year round?
No, foundations can only be installed from Spring until late Fall or until the ground begins to freeze.
Some cemeteries that install their own foundations only install twice a year; once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

The ground is leveled before digging can begin.

Once the dimensions are established the hole is dug to between 18 and 22 inches deep.

The wood frame is placed into the hole then concrete is poured into the hole.
Once the concrete is set the frame is removed and the monument is placed on top.