Cemetery Lettering

Inscription and Cemetery Lettering for Central Pa - refer to list below

Please choose the branch location that you wish to place your inscription order through. The sales person will quote you a price and send you the required form to sign. Once Gingrich Memorials receives the signed form your inscription will be placed on the work order list. 

Please be patient with us. Cemetery lettering is almost always done in the cemetery itself. One of our craftsmen will go into the cemetery and sandblast the names/dates/etc. directly into the granite on site. Please note that our craftsmen only go into the cemetery when the weather permits. Winter conditions usually do not allow for inscriptions because the granite is too cold for the stencil to adhere. Late spring to late fall is usually when they inscribe but, if the rain has completely saturated the ground or if the temperature is too hot they cannot work in the cemeteries. Please keep this in mind when waiting for your inscription to be completed.
Counties that we provide inscription service:
  • Dauphin
  • Cumberland
  • York
  • Adams
  • Perry
  • Juniata
  • Lancaster
  • Lebanon
  • Chester
  • Berks
If you do not see the county that your monument is in please call your local branch office for a price quote. When calling please know  the cemetery name and location.