Cast bronze plaques are available in assorted sizes. Smaller sizes are for individuals, while longer versions are used for companion situations. Usually these are set flush with the ground on a cement or granite base, however they can be mounted on other types of memorials. These plaques are also available for commercial applications, public memorials, dedication plaques, etc.

Click on any picture or link below to view our gallery of each style.

Individual Bronze                                Companion Bronze                                   Infant Bronze                               Verteran Bronze

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Below are the border styles that are available for your bronze monument.

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                                   Rock Edge                             Crowncrest                           Hammered                            Regal                       Bevel (can be polished if specified)

Below are some examples of monuments with bronze. They are intended to give an idea of what different monuments look like with bronze attachments and statues. Any shape monument can have a bronze emblem attached - the only factor one needs to keep in mind is the actual size of the emblem. Most emblems and statues can be ordered in a variety of sizes to accommodate to different monument sizes. Your monument consultant can help determine proper sizing.

Bronze Emblems

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